What you didn’t see

Today was hard. I spoke to my husband on the phone (we’re only on day 2 of him being away for 11 weeks!) and told him that today was probably the worst day in my career as a mom. My 3 year old tested me and tested me in ways that I did not even know were possible. He’s had his moments before – plenty of them, but that’s all they ever were, moments. Today was a constant battle of wills that did not let up until he finally gave up and fell asleep at 1o:30pm.

We’re all feeling the absence of Dada, I know that for certain. I just didn’t expect that pain to turn my sweet boy into a child I couldn’t recognize at the grocery store check out. Let me walk you through my day…

Getting out of the house – well isn’t this the hardest part?! When a family member leaves and your world is thrown off course schedules go out the window. My daughter has decided to re-instate her morning nap just for fun! So, needless to say we didn’t make it out the door until 1pm. I had promised my son a trip to the park where there was a bridge and ducks so I couldn’t break that a second day in a row. Off we went, we had a great time walking around and taking pictures in the grass with the spring blossoms. We walked to a nearby Tim Horton’s ordered drinks and a donut and settled down for a rest. A lovely lady walked over and complimented me on my well-behaved children who “hadn’t fussed or cried”. I smiled and thanked her and she went on her way, later when my son put on a major production at the grocery store I immediately thought of this woman, oh if she could see my well-behaved child now!

After returning to the park my son had his first poopy accident. He was playing then suddenly shouted to me he wanted to go home, the look on his face informed me he needed to go potty so I asked and he said, “the poop is coming!”… “it’s already in my pants!”…. “I want it to go back in!” All while I’m standing with a lovely mom I have just met who is probably now terrified to attempt potty-training. Needless to say we left the park immediately and I did a quick change in the car.

Fast forward to the grocery store. We are at the check out and my son is touching everything he can get his hand on by reaching out of the cart. He is told multiple times to keep his hands in, upon one of my requests he decides to punch me in the face… oh dear, who is this child? I had placed 2 bags of candy in the cart earlier and in my rage grabbed them off the conveyor belt and threw them aside on a shelf. As I am doing this I quickly realize my action is going to prompt a retaliation, I had to make the split second decision – keep the candy and save myself embarrassment OR show him his actions have consequences and leave the candy behind.

Oh dear lady at Tim Hortons, if you could have seen my sweet son now! His face melted, the screaming ensued and everyone was staring. I was extremely thankful for the lady bagging my items as quickly as humanly possible (although I doubt she was doing it to ease my pain!) I promptly paid and tried to escape, I took hold of the cart while balancing my 14 month old on my hip. One handed I try to push the cart out of the store while being bitten. Yepp – Mom.Of.The.Year!

Did this behaviour end when I got home and tried to calm things by copping out and turning on Paw Patrol, noooo, not by a long stretch. So, thank you to the lady at Tim Hortons for reminding me that my children are well-behaved. The next time you see a young family out and you judge yourself based on how they seem to appear just remember – they have probably had a scene or two at grocery store check out line. Praying tomorrow is a better day and my sweet boy returns. whatyoudidntsee.png



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