Why you should have “Mama Friends”


“Mama Friends”!! Before you had kids you thought these ladies who talk about poop, feeding patterns and sleep schedules were all a little nuts… now you have a crew of them or hope to soon! This morning a mama friend of mine texted me to ask how my night went since she saw me on Pinterest at 4am… yupp we are officially mom friends when we notice these things about each other! I am so blessed to have some amazing women in my life who I can bounce ideas off of and vent to when I’m having a rough day. I hope you do as well or will very soon!

Before you had kids and you were in the workplace you probably had “work friends” but now that you are a stay at home mom you are missing that element of being out of the house. You will often hear moms say they are craving “adult conversation” after a day home alone with their kids… I’ve been known to chat my poor husband’s ear off when he gets home from work when all he wants to do it relax. Enter the “mama friends”!

The old saying, “it takes a village” still rings true! Unfortunately, so many of us have lost our village and live only in our own four walls. When you are struggling day in and out with your children alone and wonder how women ever took care of kids in the past with all the other physical chores they had to do in a day (think hand-washing laundry down by the river!) you need to remember they had a “village”. They had the support of family members and other moms in their community who would step in when they had things they needed to do without children under foot. We try so hard now to do it all on our own – I am guilty of this every single day. It is a sense of pride that we can attend to our children, do laundry, clean the house, cook for our family, run errands, etc. all on our own. If this sounds like you – which I’m sure it does- look around at your mama friends who are doing the same thing and try to help each other out.

Why “mama friends” are so important –

  • Moral/Emotional Support
    • Whether you are struggling with sleep schedules, breast feeding or a toddler who is strong willed your mama friends have probably been there!
  • Exchanging Items
    • Clothes your kids have grown out of, toys, books – you name it! It is wonderful to give items to mamas you know who will benefit from them.
  • Babysitting Exchange!
    • Take turns watching each other’s kiddos so you can have a date night with your hubby! You don’t have to pay for a sitter, your kids are with someone you trust, and they get to play with their friends.
  • You’re not alone!
    • Want to try a new activity with your little ones? Take your mama friend with you!
    • Feel like going for a walk in a new area?  Invite a mama friend along!
    • Joining a new group you’re unsure of? Your mama friend might come with you!
    • Shopping alone with kids just too much? I’m sure your mama friends would love to shop too!

If you are like me and had your baby before friends did or just don’t know any other moms in your area check out my post on –>Finding “Mama Friends”

Wondering about where my motherhood journey began? Read –>My Motherhood Journey


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