Finding “Mama Friends”


If you’ve read my Motherhood Journey –>My Motherhood Journey then you already know I was the first of my friends to have babies. I always knew I wanted to be a young mom but what I hadn’t thought of was my potential lack of “mama friends”. In fact when I told my best friend I was expecting she was sure we would drift apart due to my finding new friends who were at the same stage (I am proud to say that hasn’t happened – the drifting part!) I do believe that having “mama  friends” is an extremely important part of your motherhood journey and that you can gain a lot of wisdom through talking with fellow moms –> Why you should have “Mama Friends”.

After my son was born I spent a lot of time at home with him just the two of us while my husband worked, I loved these quiet days and one blurred into the next. When he was a little over a month old we finally ventured out of our house alone and went to a play group I was invited to by a mama who I knew through church. I had to step out of my comfort zone and go somewhere I didn’t know anyone that well – hard for someone who has always been introverted! Needless to say, I can now call some of those people my “mama friends” and a year and a half later when the host of the group decided she was moving on I took the plunge and took over hosting the group. If you are loving the idea of starting your own play group read my post about how to begin one –> How to Start a Play Group

Here are a few places to start when looking for “Mama Friends”:

  • Join an already existing play group or start one (even if your baby is too young to play yet!) Mama friends are importnant at every age – even before baby is born if you are off work I would encourage you to go!
  • Check your local library for programming
    • Lots of other mamas as your same stage will be at sessions there.
  • Attend your local La Leche League meetings.
    • Visit here  – OR check Facebook
    • These are free and a great way to attain breast feeding support while meeting local moms and their babies
  • Find out what local programming there is in your area. In Ontario, Canada we have Ontario Early Years Centers which run free drop-in centers, programming and workshops for pre-preschoolers of all ages.
  • Church groups – many local churches run programming for young families which is free as well!
  • Join organized classes (the type you pay for)
    • Mom and baby exercise (stroller fit, yoga, dance, etc.)
    • Kindermusik or something similar
    • Swimming classes
    • Baby/toddler gymnastics and tumble classes
  • Go to your local parks! Best way to meet local parents is in your neighbourhood!
  • Search Facebook – local mom groups are a great way to find out what is going on in your area.
    • Buy/Sell/Trade groups
    • Babywearing groups
    • Cloth diaper groups
  • Go out on a limb! Go through your Facebook friends list and see which people you used to go to school with or work with that have had babies recently. Ask if they would be interested in a play date!


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